Camping & Battle of the Somme


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The Remembrance Trail

During your stay, walk on the path of the WWI French soldiers. A trip of 92 kilometers to remember what happened during this dark time of our history.

* The Museum of the Somme 1916 of Albert

This museum will give you a look at how soldiers were living in the trenches.


* The Memorial Terre-Neuvien

This museum pays tribute to a military regiment which fall under the fire of the German during a bloody battle.


* The Memorial National Australien and the Museum Franco-Australien in Villers-Bretonneux 

Both of them pay tribute to Australia and its close bond with France.


* The Memorial Australian of Le Hamel

More than 100.000 soldiers of the Australian army fought on the battlefields. This memorial pays tribute to them.

* The Lochnagar Crater in La Boiselle

This gigantic crater results of a succession of strikes conducted by the British troops during the famous battle of the 1st of July 1916.


* The Tower of Ulster and the Memorial Franco-Britanique in Thiepval

Built in 1921, this tower pays tribute to the Irish soldiers killed during the battle of the Somme.


* The Historial of the 1st World War in Péronne

This unique museum will let you discover the life of German, French and British soldiers while in the trenches. A compulsory step for those who are willing to understand the First World War.


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Camping 3 étoiles dans la SommeCamping 3 étoiles dans la SommeCamping 3 étoiles dans la SommeCamping 3 étoiles dans la SommeCamping 3 étoiles dans la Somme